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Sunday, October 9, 2016

1703. Easily Find Email Attachments in iOS

I'm sure that a friend sent me an attachment to an email, and I can't find it now because it's buried somewhere in my inbox. Is there some easy way to just look at all the attachments in my inbox on my iPhone?

Not only is it possible it's really easy from within your mail application. Choose edit in the upper right hand corner, then attachments, then click done. 

Now you'll see a new folder in your inbox that contains all the emails that have attachments. You can use that folder to browse just the attachments and find the item that your friend sent you. This is also a useful tip if you just want to see all your unread messages or perhaps your flag to messages. Those options are also available on the list of available folders. 
Check it out edit. The list of folders and you can see just your attachments.

1702. Firing AT&T—What Happens to Email?

I’ve been a somewhat unhappy customer of AT&T over the past 15 years, and now I’m moving to a new home where I’ll be using Comcast as my new Internet service provider (ISP). I’ve been using my email address ever since I started using AT&T as my ISP, and I’m going crazy worrying about what’s going to happen to all my emails and contacts, and how anyone will reach me once I “fire” AT&T.

Can you help?

We have on many occasions reminded people that if you have any option for email please try not to use your ISP free email account because sooner or later you will run into this problem.  On top of that AT&T, Yahoo and are all the same email service and they're all plagued with terrible Spam problems. 

I often get emails from people from those domains asking for money or just including a single spammy link. In all case to solve this particular problem I have read online that if you call AT&T they will allow you to continue using your email address for free or for a small fee long enough so you can migrate to a real working email provider like or Either one will give you better service and less spam problems. In any case don't give up contact AT&T and see if they will allow you to continue using that email address until you can replace it with something better.

1757. Only one user?

Something is wrong when I try to login to my computer. The screen freezes just after I enter the password. What can I do?

I would ask you to login as another user but you might not have one. The next option is to try to login in Safe mode.

But what I suggest to all my clients is to have a second user defined on the computer JIC. That user should have administrator rights as well. This applies even to the Windows user.

Sometimes the user may get corrupted and cause the login to fail. If that is the case then try to login as the other user. In most cases you will be able to get into the system and resolve the other user problem.

If you can't then trying to log into the system in safe mode will likely work. To get in in safe mode hold the Shift key down when you start the computer. For Windows hold the F8 key.

1755.Power Strip vs UPS

I live in a rural area and the first time it rains or snows, our phones always goes out and often we loose power. I am wondering what happens to the sensitive computer equipment when the poser goes out then suddenly comes back on. How can I avoid any problems?

In short you should be concerned. Sometimes flickering power is worse than just loosing power for a longer period. The power strips frankly are of no help other than providing additional plugs.

If you want to protect your computer you need a UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply. To be most effective you want to make sure it is also connected to your computer so it will shut the computer down gracefully when the battery power is running out. Otherwise it would be not much different than pulling the plug.

You want to make sure the UPS has enough power to run the computer long enough for you to close down the computer (remember the power needed to run the monitor). A good UPS must protect your equipment from the power spikes.

So in summary. The power strip is only a multiple plug extender. They are not really meant to protect the equipment from power spikes and surges. Get a UPS that provides enough power to gracefully shut down your computer (remember the monitor). And the UPS needs to be able to communicate with the computer to tell it to shut itself down.

Set your bios to turn on automatically when power returns. If you have the time and are aware of a significant electrical storm coming I manually shut down my computers and unplug them from power. But I am paranoid.

1756. Windows 7 Updates Take Forever

I have a friend tht has an aging Windows 7 computer and she wanted me to install things over to make things new and clean. I did the reinstall and that worked. But it has been trying to do the normal upgrades and it has been running for many hours now. Will this ever complete ore is there some trick to get the Windows 7 upgrade to ever complete?

This is a problem. If you search the internet for Windows update takes forever or never completes you will find horror stories. Now this is not a normal problem for Windows 7 computers that have been running for years.

It only seems to be a problem for new installs. My suggestion is if you don't need to reinstall Windows 7 from scratch don't. If you do because of disk failure and you haven't followed our suggestion to have image backups, then find a Windows 7 install file that does not include the Service Pack 1 included. It is this version of the fresh install that experiences the biggest problem.

If you get the install file without SP1 and go through the updates even though it must do the updates included in SP1 it is much faster. A time estimate of doing the current updates starting from the original install files is about 12 hours.

If you must start with the install files that include SP1 I have seen the updates run for more that 2 days. Yes it is that bad. Some people think this is Microsoft's way to make you upgrade to Windows 10. They gave you months to upgrade for free. Now you must pay. I don't really think this is the case, but be aware of the time it may take you to rebuild your Windows 7 computer.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

1747. File History drive

I am using Windows 10, and I keep getting a message saying to "Reconnect your file history drive..." What is this and do I care?

You must have set up the built in Win 10 backup and used an external drive. It is now trying to find the drive and can't. So go to Windows button, Settings, Update & Security, Backup, Go to More Options, scroll to Backup to different drive and click Stop using drive. You might want to set up the backup to a new drive. This is a good time to remind you of the built in backup, files and image.

1746. Email Accounts are Not in Sync

My email is not in sync between my iPhone and my computer.

IPhone and iPads can access contact, calendar, and email from many locations. Apple gives you a free iCloud account. You probably also entered your old email account from gmail, yahoo or your ISP accounts. The problem is the default account set up in your iPhone may not be pointing to the account you want to use.