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Thursday, May 18, 2017

1801. Dealing with CloudBleed

I heard some scary stuff about another online breach, code-named CloudBleed. What's up with this? Do I need to do anything to deal with it?

When I first heard about cloud bleed a few days ago my heart just stopped. 

The answer is yes you need to be worried and you need to do something. The whole thing is based on a technology called Cloud Flare which is a tool that a lot of websites use to expose data that makes it possible for the Web site to do its job, but it's supposed to keep your credentials well secret. 

The problem is there is a bug in Cloud Flare that expose that information to the public world and a lot of passwords have been exposed and compromised. This bug this problem affects thousands of websites and you probably need to change your password on a number of different websites. 

Some of the affected sites include Yelp and other very big and famous websites. We have a link on our website which doesn't use Cloud Flare or I hope and it doesn't matter because you're not signing into it but in any case there is a link there which has an article which both lists all the websites that have been compromised and has a link to a website you can use to check and see if any particular website has been compromised.

I would say you're better off just changing every password you have but I know that's not possible so check out the link at our site and look to see if your sites that you use have been compromised and if so make sure you change your password on that site and please don't reuse the same password on multiple sites use a unique password on every public website.

1807. Hover taskbar icons

I hover my mouse over the icons on my taskbar. The thumbnail little windows open for 1 second and is hard to select one. Is there some way to have them stay open longer?

This will modify the Windows Registry. Making an error in doing this can cause Windows to not run. DO NOT do this without backing up your registry or if you are not experienced.

Today we are sharing a small registry trick which can be used to adjust the live preview delay time. You can set the delay time to 1000 milliseconds (or 1 second) to get the live previews faster.

So here we start the tutorial:

1. Type regedit in RUN or Start Menu Searchbox and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor.

2. Now go to following key:


3. In right-side pane, create a new DWORD value ThumbnailLivePreviewHoverTime
4. Now you'll need to set its value to your desired delay time. Double-click on it and select "Base" as Decimal and enter the desired value. Remember the value should be given in milliseconds. Set the value to 1000 for best experience.

1806. Share email folder

How can I share an email folder with another Office 365 user.

  1. Right-click on your Mailbox name (e.g., Mailbox-Doe, Jane) and select Properties for "Mailbox - Doe, Jane".
  2. Select the Permissions tab.
  3. Select the Add button.
  4. Select the person you wish to give permission to from the address list and press the Add button.
  5. Press the OK button. 
  6. Click on the person's name and select the appropriate permissions from 'Permission Level:' drop down list (e.g., Owner, Contributor...). Reviewer rights are recommended at the Mailbox level. The option "Folder Visible" must be selected. 
  7. Click the OK button. 
  8. To share additional folders/subfolders, right-click on the folder or subfolder you wish to share and follow steps 2-7 above.
  9. To access another person's mailbox: Choose File | Account Settings.
  10. Select your Office 365 account and click the Change button.
  11. Click the More Settings button.
  12. Click the Advanced button.
  13. Under Mailboxes, 'Open these additional mailboxes:' click on the Add button and type the person's name in the window (e.g., Jane Doe), and click the OK button.
  14. Click the OK button.
  15. Ciick the Next buton.
  16. Click the Finish button.
  17. Restart Outlook.

1804. Signing into your email using Outlook error

I have been using Outlook 2016 for over a year. Now when I try to start Outlook I get a message say it can't start because the sign in value is bad. How can I get my email?

This can be a simple problem that is "your password expired" and you have to sign in using a browser to change it. This problem will not be "understood" by Outlook and may present itself as some other problem.

Given it is not an expired password, the other error may be the result of an corruption problem with the Outlook Profile that contains the account information you entered when you initially started Outlook. To fix this you want to Open the Control Panel, and look for the Mail icon. This will allow you to make a new profile and eliminate the corrupt profile.

Another option is to delete the old profile do a search for the Outlook version profile location using your search engine.

Or visit our blog for links.

1803. Surge Protectors. Any good?

We just had a major power outage and used the power strips surge protector. Two computers will not power up. And the printer is not working.

Now what?

The first thing is to get the power back and then go through the steps to determine why the printer will not start up.

I wouldn't put a lot of faith in the cheap surge protector that you bought and I wouldn't hold my breath hoping for getting the manufacturer to pay for a fix or a new printer. The main reason for our tip is to recommend you invest in a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply). They offer much more protection from a power surge and additionally provide you with some time to manually or automatically shut down your computer. The can be bought for under $100 and if you want more battery power time you can spend more for more time before shutting down.

In any case they offer far better protection than from the $10 surge protectors that I have found to not work very well. Printers however are not that important to keep running on the battery so I would connect the printer to the non battery plug available on most UPS's. They provide the equivalent to a surge protector.

But are usually much more protecting than a cheap surge protector strip. Protect your computer and electronic equipment from power failures. Ken your not still holding your breath for that new printer?

1820. Winmail.dat extra file

What is this Winmail.dat file in some emails?

It seems like if you send an email with an attachment from Outlook 2013 or 2016 and your address is a address people receiving the email may get an attachment called winmail.dat and it can't be opened.

Most often the receiver is using MacMail.

You can prevent some of the problems by doing these steps.

  1. Click File in Outlook.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Go to the Mail category.
  4. Make sure HTML or Plain Text is selected for Compose messages in this format: under Compose messages.
  5. Now make sure Convert to HTML format or Convert to Plain Text format is selected for When sending messages in Rich Text format to Internet recipients: under Message format.
  6. Click OK.

But if you have an email address and use Outlook Mail on the Web account, winmail.dat attachments may be sent to people in your address book no matter what your Outlook options are set to. This is an issue with Outlook and Outlook Mail on the Web, and you will need for Microsoft to update the applications to for it to be resolved. So use another mail client other that the web bases client.

1819. Windows 10 activation

I always change computers and it is a pain to have to re-activate the Windows 10 license. Is there any other option?

Yes. The aniversary update allows you to connect your license to your MS account. This way if you change computers you can easily activate your Windows 10 license on your new computer.

Usually if you change the hard drive or the processor/motherboard Windows license is no longer valid. We always recommend doing an image copy of your computer when making changes. But if you have to replace your hard drive and you restore the image the license needs reactivation and you have to go through Microsoft hassles to do this.

Now with the Anniversary update if you use your MS account to sign in it is automatic. If you use a local account you need to go into settings and set things up. It is easy to do and worth the initial time. See the details on our web site or do a simple search on assigning your Windows 10 license to your MS account.