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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

1615. Confusing Chrome Error Messages

I was using Chrome the other day and got this very strange error message, it said, “He’s dead Jim.” I’m guessing this is some reference to Star Trek, but I have no idea what they are talking about. What’s going on?

You are right, “He’s dead Jim” came from Star Trek and was used whenever someone or something stopped working or died. 

Specifically, this is a Chrome message and what it is telling you is you really don’t have enough memory or there’s computers relying on more memory for the apps to run or you stop processing using Chrome’s Task Manager and Assistant Task Manager or Command Line Tool. 

I know all of the listeners feel so much better now that they know this. Go to our website and get some more information about the “He’s dead Jim” message from your Chrome browser.

Really bad message from Google.

1614. Create Multiple Outlook Profiles

I use Outlook for my email on my Windows computer and I use it for both work and home use. I would love to keep my work email account separate from my home email account and not even have each of the other visible when I’m at work or at home. Is there some way to totally separate these so when I’m at work I won’t see my home email and I’m at home I won’t see my work email?

As usual, we have a solution. Outlook has a function that allows you to set up email profiles and these profiles can be used to identify and control access to separate email accounts like your home and work and it also allows you to set up profiles that will combine access to multiple email accounts. 

You can find a tool to help you set up these profiles by going to your control panel and looking for the Mail icon. Start this program and you will see a dial that will likely have a profile called Outlook as the Default and there will be settings that will allow you to automatically load this profile when Outlook starts. 

To use the options of the multiple Outlook profiles you can add new profiles and change the emails accounts that each of these profiles are going to access. You can then tell Outlook to open a new default profile or when Outlook starts you can select the specific profile that will open. For more information see the link on our website blog.

1613. Unintended Characters in Word Documents

I received a Word document in an email from a young person and I noticed it had a bunch of funny looking “J” characters scattered throughout it. I’m sure they didn’t type that character so what is going on, why am I seeing these funky characters?

You may even be sending these “J” characters without knowing it. The problem is related to Office programs and a missing font called Wing Dings. 

Actually, some Microsoft engineer decided to render that colon with the little parenthesis, that smiley face, as a smiley rendered in a specific font face when composing rich text documents or HTML email. All of that being said, if they person getting your email or if you don’t support rich text or HTML you may be seeing the “J” characters. 

Know that the person sending is usually being nice and accept them. To correct this in Outlook go to your File, Options, Mail, Spelling and Auto Correct and then click the Auto Correct Options. Set the Auto Correct to replace that colon, right parenthesis with a smiley face.

1612. Sync Windows Desktop in the Cloud

Like most people I put what I’m currently working on, on my Windows desktop. I would like some way to have these files backed up regularly so that if something goes wrong I can always get back to the previous version. Is there some way to automatically backup my Windows desktop so that I have a safe, stored version offline?

Yes, we don’t want to play favorites, so we are going to mention the idea we recommend and some of the options you have to implement the idea. 

First thing, we strongly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity to back up your critical files like your desk top documents, pictures and videos offline. Like anything that you do store offline however you want to make sure it is secure and protected. 

Today there are many services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, ZumoDrive, DriveHQ and most of these are free but you might need some extra storage that you may have to pay for. If you have a Windows 8 computer you are going to get 1 TeraByte of OneDrive data free from Microsoft. This is also available if you get the latest Office products. 

We recommend that you get a service no matter what it is and use it because this type of service is even available for your Mac. Whatever the service you decide on it is easy to set up, each one is going to have a little different instructions but most people can set things up without help. Another benefit is if you have multiple computers or if you want to sync your data with your smartphone most services include this capability.

1611. Use WPS to Make Setting Up a Wireless Router Easier

When I get a new wireless router I end up going through a lot of the settings in the router to set up my wireless network but I know that is too difficult for most people. Is there a simpler way to do this so they don’t have to dig into settings on their wireless router when creating a new wireless network?

All of the settings for your wireless router can usually be skipped. You get the modem router from your internet provider, you buy one, plug it in and magically everything works. If you are happy with these settings you don’t need to do anything. 

However, one button that most wireless routers have is what is what they call the WPS button. What this does for you is it allows you to not have to enter that pesky wireless password. 

It’s a nice feature, it allows you to access your wireless network by simply pressing the WPS button. So when your computer finds your network the Service Set Identifier (SSID) information, you can press the WPS button and for a short period of time you can simply skip the entering of the password and your device will be allowed to access the network wirelessly. 

This makes things easier so you don’t have to know the usually ugly default password and also a little more secure so the visiting person that you might be allowing to access your wireless network won’t know the password, at least temporarily gaining access. My advice is to actually to set up your network if you can using the manual so you can customize things like the SSID, the identification and your passwords. There are usually additional things that you can use to limit access times and other settings to make your network friendlier to you and more secure from the bad people. You may need help doing this, email us, we can give some local people that can help.

1610. Restart a Stuck iPhone

I was around town with my iPhone recently and all of a sudden the screen froze, nothing I did would cause the phone to un-stick. I took the SIM card out, I tried pressing the power button, what am I missing, is there some way to do a hard reset on the phone?

People sometimes don’t think of their phone like a computer and often you have to reboot and reset your PC and yes even your Mac. Well, some smartphones aren’t any different and the term reset can mean different things. In the iPhone you have your basic restart, your simple reset or sometimes you have to reset, erase and start over, but not normally. 

The basic restart most of you have done, you hold the on and off button when the slider appears you slide it to the right and the phone goes off and then you hold it again and the phone can start, you see the Apple icon. This does not fix the problem, what you have to do is what they call is a hard reset, it requires that you are going to restart the phone and clear memory but don’t worry no data is going to be lost. 

Hold down the on and off button and at the same time press the home button, that center button on the bottom of your screen. Hold them while the black screen appears and you may see the slider, finally the Apple icon will appear and the phone is going to restart. This usually solves the problem. 
If this doesn’t solve the problem you may need to refresh the phone. Because you will lose data we recommend that you get some help with this step. Yes, you can call Apple or actually email us.

1625. Sharing Large Pictures in Outlook

I sometimes want to email photos to friends using Outlook. When I drag and drop them into an email message I don’t have the option to re-size the photos and they get sent at their original resolution. Is there some trick to allowing me to re-size the photos when I email them so I’m not sending huge attachments?

There are some other options. This is good because many email systems do have restrictions on the size of files you can email and people can’t receive some large files as well. Instead of dragging and dropping pictures you can use Explorer to locate pictures, right button select those pictures, then select the Send To menu option with the mail recipient, then you can easily select from a pull down the kind of density of these pictures. You will then open your email client with the pictures attached so you can complete sending the email.

There are other techniques depending upon what email client you use. Do a search in your favorite search engine and you will find many ways to send attachments with smaller sizes.