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Sunday, August 18, 2019

2008. Lost Outlook attachments and temp files. How to find them.

Outlook and temp files are lost. Why? How can I protect myself from this problem?

To avoid this problem in the future, instead of opening attachments directly from the email, right-click on the attachment and choose to "Save As" the file so you can select where you want the file saved (e.g., your Documents or Pictures folder).

Then open the file from Windows Explorer instead. But if you really want to know, Windows does store the message. The actual storage location will vary. And it is strange.

User > AppData > Local > Microsoft > Windows > Temporary Internet Files > Content.Outlook > 9PDH6FAT.

To determine that location, go through the steps to do the Save As, and note the default location. But the next time it may change. So remember to do the Save As and specify the location.

2010. Saved email addresses in Outlook.

I use Outlook to send/receive my email. When I type a new email, I start typing the address and I can fill in the choices. How do I maintain this?

Type-ahead vs. Contacts. MS Outlook has this great feature called AutoComplete or type-ahead.

When you are creating your email and you start to type the addressee Outlook provides a list of email addresses. This list is made up from all the email addresses you have entered over time. This list is not the same as your Contacts list. And if you change computers or even if modify the Outlook profile you may lose this list.

Some people are lost without it. The good news is the autocomplete list is stored as a file. But you have to find it and copy it over to your new system. Depending on the version of Outlook you are coming from or going to this technique to copy it changes. So you have to search for those details. You can import the autocomplete list from your contacts, search for this option as well. Since this is not something normally done please make plans to include this in any changes to your Outlook mail system.

2011. Picture of computer screen?

Picture of computer screen. What's the best way?

Snipping tool, Snagit, GreenShot, Cell phone!!! There are a number of tools available to capture all or parts of your Windows screen. But there is a way to do this without the tools.

Yes use your cell phone. Sometimes this is easier that the tools available. Windows 10 has a built in tool called Snipping Tool. Snagit is a great tool, and GreenShot. They all have similar features like the whole screen, specific windows, and using the tools to copy a specific area.

They also give you the ability to do basic editing and saving to files, email, and the the clipboard. All are easy to use and make it easy to send that image to your support person so they have a clear idea of the problem you may have.

2004. Video doorbell

Published by Ken

I installed a video doorbell at home, and I keep getting notifications all the time on my phone from the doorbell. It's making me crazy! Is there some way to turn these off?

I assume you're complaining because you're getting too many notifications of people driving by or walking by your house. You probably do want to get notified if someone rings your doorbell but if you want to cut down on motion notifications you have a couple of options.

You can completely turn off notifications for this application on both Android and IOS. On the other hand if you do, you're not going to be notified about someone ringing the doorbell. Another option is for almost every video doorbell out there you can restrict the range or the limits on the sensitivity of the motion sensor on the doorbell itself. That's probably a better choice than turning off all notifications/

2009. Security patch for XP

I hear there is a special security patch for XP. I thought XP wasn't supported any more. What should I do.

The patch is plugging a hole in the Remote Desktop Service function. Once you download it, it is simple to apply the fix and only takes seconds. Our advice is apply the patch if you are still using XP. This also applies to Windows 2003 Server.

Anytime you apply special patches we strongly recommend do an image backup so if something bad happens with the patch you can always revert back to before the patch.

You should give serious consideration to upgrading your system to supported versions of the Operating System. Remember Windows 7 is supposed to lose support this coming January.

Customer guidance for CVE-2019-0708 | Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability: May 14, 2019.

2006. Browser start page

Published by Ken.

When I first open my browser, I'd love it if the start page showed me a list of sites I generally visit, so I can just click links to take me to my favorite sites. Is there some way to set this up?

Back in the day I used Yahoo as my start page because it would allow me to set up various widgets on the page that would take me places that I wanted to go or display information I wanted to see.

Google had a feature like this as well and I switched to that for a while but I no longer use Yahoo and Google killed the feature as they do with many of their features from year to year. 

At this point I use a start page feature called You can go on your web browser create a free account and it will allow you to set up links to whatever pages you want. There's lots of free widgets you can use on that page. It's pretty easy to set up,  it's free,  and it works great. So I would suggest looking at There are several other Start page sites out there some of them display pretty pictures others do other features. I just want to list of links I can go to so check that out

2012. Safe links and emails?

With all of the bad emails spam, virus how can I be sure I am not being taken. I just got an email that said it was from Microsoft. How can I tell? The person's email was prefixed by a "v-".

Actually this is not a scam. The "v-" is indicating this person is not a MS employee but a vendor approved by MS. Another way to check is to hover your mouse over any links. Make sure they go to legitimate URL's .

When you see a link the actual display on the screen may say, but if you hover your mouse over it, the actual URL you will go to may be something like You should always hover over every URL before click on the link. This applies to email addresses as well. Remember when you do a search in any search engine like "Microsoft Support", the search will produce a list of possible solutions, BUT just because it says Microsoft Support doesn't mean you are reaching Microsoft. Check that URL to make sure you are going to the place you want to go to.