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Sunday, March 1, 2015

1579. Browsing on iPad Returns to Home Screen

A friend was using their iPad and suddenly while in Safari the iPad flickers and they now only see their home screen. This happens without touching anything. What can they do?

This particular problem was on an older Apple device but strange things like this can happen on your Android and your Windows and Mac computers. Sometimes you get a strange result and it is a bug in the operating system having low memory errors.

This person's solution was to double click the Home button and a list of all of the programs that were started since the last time the device was shut down appeared. All that they needed to do was select each application they wanted to stop by pressing the minus sign next to the application's icon. Remember this should not be something you should have to do.

Most of the time a problem will be directly related to the application. But if not it is much more difficult to resolve.

There are apps that try to help you decide what application is causing the problem. But I don't think we should waste our time trying to decide what application to stop. Sure as heck I would stop the wrong thing and I will no longer get my mail or the appointment reminder will not beep and I miss my next appointment.

If you continue to have these types of problems I would call the manufacturer and report the problem. Try to find a solution in the blogs that may identify the application that you may use that causes the same problem you have.

My final advise is to restart the device. The problem will most likely not appear again. If it does you may have to contact the manufacturer.  

So help.

1578. Drying a Wet Phone

Friend got water on his iPhone, What to do?

I suggest immediately:

1. shut it off immediately!!!!
2. remove all things covering so it can get air, covers, charger, phone cozy's
3. Empty it out. shake blow dry. a hair drier will help.

Everyone has heard to try rice. I don't believe that would dry the dampness out but things have been tried like silica gel, cat litter or rice if that is all you have may work. Can't hurt and it may save you $600. A food dehydrator is likely to help. Remember that $350 food dehydrator you bought in the 90's that was going to keep your beef jerky for years. Well this might help to recover some of that money.  

What you are trying to do is to dry out any water before the electronics is turned on to use or charge the phone.  

Remember if you don't have insurance the warranty doesn't cover taking your phone swimming with you.

You do not want to plug it into the charger to soon. You want to get the phone as dry as possible as soon as possible.

It doesn't hurt to try these suggestions. It is one thing to splash water another dropping in the fish bowl.

1577. Solve Mysterious Outlook Email Problems

Over the years I have experienced problems with Outlook and my email. Mari complained that her email was always "syncing spam " with her Outlook 2013 program. She uses Google Business mail to host her email account.

At first I thought this was just a performance issue with Shari's internet connection being slow. That with the fact that she had two computers with Outlook and an iPhone all trying to actually syncronize the mail.

Her email is hosted by GMail bu siness and their way of creating Email labels and folders was also a concern. I was sure this combination was causing the problems.  

As it turns out it seems to be a simple bug related to the Outlook Mail "Profile". When you start Outlook and set up your email address(s), a file is created called the Outlook Profile. If you go to the Control Panel, and find the Mail icon and open it, you will be able to look at, create, change the mail profiles. You can create different profiles that allow you to open different mail accounts on the same computer.  

But back to the immediate problem. All I had to do was to create a new Mail Profile. All of the account information is the same but for whatever reason the Original Mail Profile was causing the problem.  

When reflecting on this problem I remembered this computer was a replacement for another computer (Windows XP and the new computer is a Windows 7). I used the Windows Upgrade utility (Easy Transfer) to move everything from the XP to the Windows 7 system.  

This ends up copying all of the documents and other user files but the Mail setup intsructions as well. The other thing I remembered was the original Outlook on the XP machine was Outlook 2007.  

So when I recreated the Profile all was good. The sync problem is gone.

1576. Reasons Why Not to Post Photos on Facebook

Why should I be concerned about showing pictures in FACEBOOK?

I have heard many different stories about this and the best and most current information is "always be concerned about anything you post anywhere on the internet". This includes Facebook, blogs, and any pictures you upload.

My first choice is to remove all my concerns by turning the Geo location information off on all of my cameras.

For my iPhone Settings>General>Reset>Reset Location & Privacy. Then launch the Camera App, select "Don't Allow" when prompted. You can also turn this off: Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Camera>Off.

I have heard that Facebook will strip this information from all pictures uploaded.  I would not trust this to anyone.  Remove the data yourself.  Facebook protection.

As a recap

1. Turn off Geo information on your phone.
2. Check any photes you upload to make sure there is no Geo data.
3.If any remove it.

1574. Run Android Apps on Windows

You know I may be more geiky than most, but I would love to run some Android applications on my Windows computer. Is there some trick to make this possible?

The first question is maybe why should I run Androids apps on my Windows computer. Well you might notice that Pandora has not until recently worked on as an application on Windows. So if you like that application and want to carry over the features of it to your Windows computer you need to get Android applications to run on Windows.

The first thing you need to do is install BlueStacks. Bluestacks is an application that allows your to run Android apps on windows.

So download and install Bluestacks. Make sure it is running and then download and install Pandora. Or for that matter most any Android applications.

This is not something that the faint of heart would want to do, but it is something that has some great benefits and on a snowy afternoon it may just be something you want to do.

Visit ouw techtipguys web site and we have all of the links to make this happen.

Install Bluestacks

Install and run Pandora on Windows.

1567. Alternatives to password manager.

Although I understand the need to use a password manager so I don't have to remember the millions of passwords I use daily. I know that there are some people that aren't comfortable using a password manager and would rather not. Have you got any tips for those people on how to create reasonable passwords that you can actually remember? 

I can understand the concern people have for a password manager. Can you really trust somebody that gives you something for free? Or for very little money? There must be something wrong with what they are doing to get money for their time. At least they are up front with you. Here is something for free and all you have to do is give them your most secret information that is protecting all of your money.

Are we crazy?

Here are some options:

1. Use upper and lower case and special characters. 8 in length, This will take 2 years to hack,
2. Length over complexity. 10 character password - 1 week to hack. 15 characters 1.49 centuries.
3. Do not use dictionary words, slang, names, or email addresses, Use a passphrass that means something. Don't use a totally random set of 10 numbers, symbols, and characters. Just too hard to remember.
4. Don't disclose your passwords to anyone. And don't write them down. Would you go on vacation and leave your key taped to the front door handle?
5. Be vigilant. Don't leave your computer open when you walk away.
6. Get a password manager. It is worth it. 1Password, Lastpass, and KeyPass are all good password managers.

For more details on the list of options:

1566. How do I change the default font on a Mac

I really don't like the default font in Mac OS X Yosemite. Is there some way to change it to something easier to read?

Well the answer is maybe. I didn't like the Helvetica font - it was just not "enough" for me.

I found some likes that allowed me to easily change the font. These links were mostly showing the rather new San Francisco font. Some links may have been removed and I am not sure why but I have the links that work in the blog.

Here is a link to the step-by-step instructions. Thanks to Wells Riley: