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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

1213. Don't use the wrong power supply for your laptop

I was very surprised to find out that power supplies with different voltages did not have different size plugs or colors to prevent this from happening.
So don’t force them and if they are different colors don’t try to use it without checking further.
The safest thing to do is mark your power supply with the device name.
You can also look on the power supply and the plug receptacle for the power markings.  All of the US power supplies are 110-120 volt.  It is the small “OUTPUT” volt number that is important.  Like 9V, 12V 15V or 20V.
If these numbers don’t match between the device and the power supply even if the plug still fits DON’T use it.
Your warranty will probably not cover repairs caused by using the wrong power supply.

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