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Monday, January 2, 2012

1206. Keeping Track of Random Bits of Information

Computers are perfect for keeping track of lots of information, but some people use their monitors as hosts for stacks of yellow sticky notes. If you're one of those people who have sticky notes pasted all over your computer, there is a better way.

A better solution might be to take advantage of your computer, remove those sticky notes from the monitor, and store the information on the computer itself.

If you are on a PC and have a copy of Microsoft Office, we recommend a Microsoft product called OneNote that is part of Microsoft Office ( ). It is not free. (Microsoft recently released a iOS version of OneNote that allows you to view and minimally edit your OneNote notes from an iPhone.)

On the Mac, you might find the product called Notebook from Circus Ponies ( useful. It’s not free either.

If you're interested in a free product that works on any computer or mobile device, you might want to check out my personal favorite: EverNote ( EverNote is provided as both a Web Service and a client application, and it is free.  It is a service that allows you to create virtual notebooks and as many notes inside them as you like. You can store images, text, receipts, PDF files, and notes of all kinds and what's more, they’re synced to the internet so they are available on any computer you want to look at them on including your phone, laptop, and desktop computer.

My favorite cool feature? If you add an image to a note, once you synchronize it to the Web, the EverNote service searches the image for text, and you can then search through your notes for the text in the image! It's a feature you have to try out to believe, but it works great. Check out EverNote for your note storage needs.

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