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Monday, January 30, 2012

1210. Set Passcode on Mobile Devices

If you lose your mobile device you want to protect the sensitive information.
For IPhones and IPads all you have to do is go into the Settings section and under the General topic choose Passcode Lock.  Here you can set your passcode, and you can turn it on or off. Now when you want to access your iPad or iPhone you will need to enter the passcode.  You will be able to answer calls or dial Emergency numbers without knowing the code, but you cannot access any of the other features.

You can also set restrictions to using applications in the Restrictions area.The Auto-Lock section allows you to adjust the time it takes for the phone to go into the sleep mode.

For Android phone as well as Blackberries and Windows phones there are similar features.  On the Android phone tap the Menu button on the home screen, then choose Settings/Security, Screen Lock. (The exact words may change from phone to phone).  We recommend all smart phone users secure their devices.

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