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Monday, January 2, 2012

1211. Email address other than your ISP's

Stuck with your ISP’s Email Address

When I signed up for Internet service with Comcast, they gave me an email address and I’ve been using it ever since. I’m now leaving Comcast for another provider, and the new provider is offering me an email address. Clearly, I’m going to have to tell people about my new address, but I really don’t want to ever have to do this again. How can I avoid this problem?

Funny, we’re always surprised to find out that people stick with the email service their ISP (Internet Service Provider) gives them, when they’re in the business of providing internet service, not email. Sure, you can use the email that Comcast, or HughesNet, or any other ISP gives you, but it’s never a good idea. Yes, it’s true: It’s never a good idea. As you’ve seen, if you ever change ISP’s, you’re stuck telling everyone you know about the new address. Listen carefully: You do not need to use the email address that your ISP provides. You probably shouldn’t use the email address that your ISP provides. There are plenty of free email providers that do a great job, and none is tied to a particular ISP.

Check out free services like Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail (we like Gmail best). You can browse to their web sites and sign up for free email addresses. You can request any email address, although short names (like, or are already taken. Even full names (like Ken's email,’s not excited about posting his email address here) are often already taken. Most services will offer you several options, based on your name (like To sign up for these free services, follow these links:
·                     Gmail:
·                     Hotmail:
·                     Yahoo:
Note that some services, like Gmail, provide a means of migrating your old mail to your new email account, offering to send emails out to all your contacts, and forwarding your old mail to your new address. This seems like the best solution, to us!

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