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Monday, January 2, 2012

1215. Change the Windows Shutdown Menu Action

I’m using Windows 7 and know that I can use the Windows Start menu to shut down my computer (there’s irony in that configuration, isn’t there?) but I generally want to Sleep, rather than Shut Down. I found that I can click the little arrow and see other options besides Shut Down, but since I always want to Sleep, it would be easier if Sleep was the default option. Is that possible?

This is a very simple thing to change on your Windows 7 system, and if I remember correctly, there are similar options for Windows Vista and XP. To set this up, rather than clicking on the Start button, right-click instead. This action opens a dialog box that has three Tabs: Taskbar, Start Menu, and Toolbars. Select the Start Menu tab. You’ll see an option to alter the Power Button Action—the default should either be Shut Down (or whatever you last selected for this option, if you already altered it). Click on the down-arrow to display the list of options, and select the action that you’d like as the default, such as Sleep. Click OK to accept your choice.
Now when you go to the Start button, your new choice will appear to the right of the Search box along with the arrow giving you the other choices. This should solve your problem and save you those extra keystrokes.

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