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Monday, July 16, 2012

1216. Making text larger/smaller while Browsing

Make Text Larger or Smaller While Browsing

I find that often, when I’m browsing the Web, I can’t easily read the text on the screen. Is there some way to easily make the text larger? The same thing often happens when reading emails, or viewing PDF files, as well!

On a PC, most applications support the following keyboard shortcuts: Hold the CTRL key down and tap the plus sign (+) key to make the text larger, and CTRL key and the minus sign (-) to make it smaller.  If you have a mouse with a roller button you may find that you can hold the CTRL key and roll up for larger and down for smaller text. (On a Mac, press the Command (Apple) key and the plus sign to enlarge text or the minus sign to make text smaller.

This technique doesn't work the same in all document readers; it works in most and it can help you manage the size of fonts in your documents. 

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