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Thursday, April 19, 2012

1219. Schedule a meeting

It's nearly impossible to schedule group meetings using email. You send email after email trying to hone in on a date and time.  Is there a web site to help with this?

I see the need to do this a lot.  Recently, I needed to ask a group of people in the local choir I sing in to volunteer for booth duty at a fair, given a choice of five time slots. I often schedule rehearsals and meetings for the theater group I run, as well. Sending emails around and gathering the results manually is a huge pain.

I've investigated a number of "meeting scheduling" sites, and the one I found most useful is Doodle. There are other websites that help with this sort of thing, but doodle makes it really easy to ask people  when they are available given a selection of choices, and everyone can see how many people are available in each time slot. makes it simple to schedule group meetings.

Doodle also supplies many useful features for managing your meeting scheduling.

And did I mention it's free?

Doodle makes it easy to set up scheduling surveys.

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