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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1252. Enable Windows Restore

I've heard about the ability to revert back to a previous level of the Windows operating system.  I heard that I may need to do this because of a bad Windows update or if I tried installing new hardware or software that didn't work. How can I set this up?

Start by doing a Right click on your My Computer icon and click on Properties. Under properties, click on Advanced System Properties (left sidebar) and select system protection.

In the Protection Settings section make sure the Windows7_OS protection is set to "On" protection.  This was the original default setting when your Windows system was installed.  If  it is not you will not be able to do a restore.  So if you do nothing more with our tip, check to make sure your Windows 7 System drive protection is set to "on" or you will not be able to recover in the future.

For now we will assume your System7_OS drive was protected.

All you need to do is click the System Restore button and you will be able to walk through the steps to revert your Windows 7 system to a previous backup. You will see a list of the restore points available.  Choose one, click next, and confirm the restore.

Good luck and remember to always have a current backup of your system.  You never know when you will need to be able to recover your data.

Also Go to the Restore Point settings now and make sure your system is currently set to backup your System drive.

Restoring Windows XP and Windows Vista have similar procedures.  See the links below:

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