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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1254. Email access to Office 365

My office is switching to Microsoft's Office 365 for email service and other features and I can't get used to the new user interface--I'm used to working in Outlook, and now they want me to use a browser. What's the benefit of this new-fangled stuff?"

Office 365 uses a browser to give you your basic access to your email. It also provides a web based user interface to word documents, excel spread sheets, powerpoint, and OneNote.

This is valuable when you need to access your data and the computer you are at does not have the regular Microsoft Office products.

The Web Apps are very similar to the full Office products but do have some limitations.

Office 365 will also allow you to "license" the Office products on a monthly basis. So you don't have to buy Office products and you will always have the latest release.

So if you have Microsoft Office or Outlook you can use these familiar applications to access the Office files in Microsoft Office 365. You are not limited to the browser view. This includes using a Mac as well as Windows computers.

Using Outlook 2007 or higher to access your Office 365 email is the same as using Outlook to access any other email systems. Follow the instructions on how to set up Outlook at the Microsoft Office 365 help center.

Visit the Microsoft Office 365 website or go to the Malibu Software website and sign up for a free trial of Office 365.

It is a great product that has arguably the best email, website, document sharing and Meeting presentation software in the industry.


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