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Saturday, August 11, 2012

1262. Replace your Internet modem

Monika is having trouble with her AT&T internet connection. She wants to know "Is there something she can do to make it work better, and more reliably?"

When you sign up for DSL service with AT&T, the installation includes a modem, the hardware that connects your computer or home network to the AT&T DSL internet service. Your modem may also include a wireless router so that you can connect wirelessly.

Most AT&T modems/routers include only a 1-year warranty. After that period, you can purchase a replacement from AT&T, but that's not your only option. You can also purchase a replacement modem/wireless router online, or at your local office supply or computer retailer.

The important detail to look for is that the device supports the standard ATT-ADSL connection, and as long as you're purchasing a new one, you might want to consider getting one that includes a wireless router, as well. AT&T will tell you that they won't support a non-AT&T modem, but if you have problems connecting, you don't need to tell them that you purchased a new one, and the manufacturer will provide support, as well.

In order to hook up the new modem, you will need to know the original username. Generally, the user name is an email address (like as well as your modem's password.  Hopefully you wrote this down, but if not, AT&T can reset your credentials. (Remember, don't volunteer that you replaced the modem yourself!)

Follow the instructions provided with the new equipment and you should be connected to the internet in no time.

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