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Friday, August 10, 2012

1264. How can I get SMS text messages sent to me as an email?

Dee uses SMS a lot--for her job, she receives a lot of text messages on her phone. She needs some way to archive those messages, and wants them sent to her email address. Is there some way to track SMS messages using email, or just have the text messages appear in her email inbox?

Although there are for-pay services that will act as a bridge between SMS/MMS/text messages and email inboxes (see TXTImpact (, for one), none is free that we know of.

The easiest solution is free, and again it turns out to be our favorite, Google Voice. ( 

Google Voice allows you to sign up for a free account and select an incoming voice phone number. One of its many features is that it allows people to send text messages to your Google Voice number, and those text messages can be forwarded to your mobile phone, as standard text messages, and can also be forwarded to your inbox as email. 

The trick is convincing people to stop texting you at your direct mobile number, but to text you at your Google Voice number, instead. (Actually, the goal would be to stop giving anyone your mobile phone number at all, and only give them your Google Voice number. Once you set up your mobile phone with your Google Voice account, you can have calls to your Google Voice number ring on your mobile phone, as well. But that's another issue.) You can tell: We love Google Voice. It's free, and it certainly solves this particular problem. If Dee would have people text her only at her Google Voice phone number, all messages would go to her email inbox as well, and her problem would be solved.

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