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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1273. New icon on her desktop.

Connie called and complained that she saw a new icon on her desktop that she didn't put there. How can this happen?

The reason for many of these "new/extra" icons that I have seen are the usually the result of installing un-related software from other internet sites. Maybe you decided to try some new antivirus software you heard about. You probably were asked questions during the install. Well you need to pay very close attention to these questions. 

Many of them ask if you would also like the "best spyware" or "greatest performance testing" or "a new special toolbar".  

The default answer is always set to install the new software and usually you just answer with the default. 

DO NOT do that. Read these questions very carefully. Our recommendation is to always refuse to have the great "can't do without" software installed. Make sure your response will result in not installing this special product

I would also think twice about installing the original software. Any legitimate software site will usually not try to be sneaky and install extra software.

Connie was lucky and the "extra" software was benign, but sometimes you could get a virus or spyware and you don't want that.

So be carefull and read the "fine" print, it is important!

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