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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1276. Wireless coverage is bad.

Susan complained that she has a large house and as a result her wireless coverage does not work over the entire house. Is there something she can do to make it work better in every room?

As it turns out depending on the size of the house there may be multiple solutions, but the best for Susan was the cheapest.  

You can:

  1. Purchase a new router for more money but there is no guarantee that this will expand the coverage. 
  2. Another option is to have a second or third router installed and we discussed this before, but it would require having Ethernet wire or other devices to connect the routers.
  3. There are wireless range extenders but they may also be limited by wall construction.

Your house contruction may make some areas simply poor coverage areas.  

For DSL and cable internet connections there are usually multiple locations for your phone/TV. You can usually locate the modem at any one of the phone/TV locations.  

So try to move the modem/router to another location more centralized to your internet needs.  

Sometime the cheapest solution is the best solution.

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