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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1277. Disable Cap Lock's Key.

I hate the Cap Locks Key. It gets in my way all of the time. I have not needed caps lock since 1912. Is there some way to just turn it off without physically removing the key from my keyboard?

Ken - for once we agree. I can remember the many times I have looked at my typed sentence only to find the first character in lower case and the rest of the sentence in upper case - and no easy way to correct it.

The answer is yes you can disable the key. It is easy but it does require you to edit the Windows registry - and this is something you want to do only if you are experienced.

Below are links to sites that describe how to make this modification to disable the Cap Lock Key.

You can also search for "disable cap lock" and you will find many other articles on how to do this safely.

You can also ask a friend with more experience, or your local technical support stores in the area will be glad to help.  They will probably chanrge you but it is well worth it.

Here are some links:

You can also Go to or call their toll-free technical support line 855-478-0500 x 2.

Remember making changes to the Windows registry can make your computer unusable! So do this at your own risk.

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