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Monday, October 22, 2012

1280. Use my cell phone on my house phones.

Steve asks: I only get cell coverage in a small corner of my house, and I leave my cellphone there. Then, when it rings, I have to run to catch the call. Is there some magic means of hooking the cell phone up to my home phone?

There is no magic no but there are several solutions you can look at.  I personally have one from Panasonic. It's a home phone system with multiple wireless handsets. I can have one of those handsets with me wherever I am. 

And using Bluetooth technology itcan connect to my cell phone as a second phone line. 

As a matter fact mine can connect to two cell phones so both cellphones of the house and connect to this Panasonic base unit. Then if someone calls my cell phone it rings on the house phone and I can pick it up using the handset whereever I am.  

It's not expensive and Panasonic and Uniden both very popular home phone system manufacturers make one with this technology built-in. It’s worth checking out if you want to use your cell phone with your home handsets.

If you already have phones and just need the interface try either of these products.

Cobra has a device that will with most phones. And so does XLink.

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