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Monday, October 22, 2012

1283. Upgrading to IOS 6 on my iPhone.

Sue asked: I tried to upgrade to iOS 6 on my iPhone using the steps I read online. I went to the Settings menu, chose General and then Software Update, but it won't let me perform the update. What's up? Is my phone broken?

First of all be aware that not every iPhone will run iOS six. Unless you have a moderately current iPhone you will be able to install it.  But given that Sue has a brand-new iPhone 4S. I happen to no this for a fact. It should work.

The problem is you can only perform the iOS six upgrade if you’re connected to a high-speed network like Wi-Fi.

If you’re using the cell network, if you’re away from home for example, you can’t perform the iOS six update. So the answer for Sue and for everyone else is go home. Go home and use your Wi-Fi network and then you should be able to easily perform the upgrade over the air.

On the other as you can always just connect your iPhone to your computer and use iTunes to install the upgrade either way it’s worth the time to install the newest operating system.

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