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Monday, October 22, 2012

1285. Sync iPhone with Gmail contacts, calendars, and mail.

Samantha asked: I just got an iPhone, and I want to use it to sync with my Gmail account. I use mail, contacts, and calendars on Gmail. Can I get them all on my new phone?

It's really easy to sync Google settings with your iPhone. But it's kind of misleading.

if you set up a new mail account and choose the Gmail option that will sync your mail but not anything else.

Instead when you get ready  create a new account on your iPhone, select the Microsoft Exchange option.  I know it sounds weird but Google uses Microsoft Exchange syncing mechanism to sync email, contacts, and calendar. You'll some help to get the settings just right, but the one thing you need to remember is the server name is M.Google.Com.

In any case Google provides good documentation on doing this online you can search for iPhone +Google +sync on the web and you’ll certainly find the page that describes exactly how to do this. 

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