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Thursday, October 18, 2012

1291. Disable error reporting

Although I am always reminded of my friends father who thought the police were going to come after him every time Windows showed him "an illegal operation" dialog box when something went wrong, Julie has bee getting a number of crashes in an application.  And when she does, and we won't ask why, she sees a dialog box asking to send information to Microsoft.  She worried that this is going to retrieve personal information Can she turn this off?  Can she NOT send information to Microsoft.

Well with all of the scams today I can understand why Julie is concerned.  However the reason for the pop up may be legitimate.

So I recommend to turn  this function off - at least temporarily.

Click the Start Button and type "problem reporting settings".  You will get a list at the top of the list that included "Choose how to report problems".  Select this option.

A window will open giving you a number of ways to address the issue.  The default is usually set to "Automatically check for solutions (recommended)"  I would not recommend automatically sending a report.  

You can select the "Never check for solutions (not recommended)".  This will stop the annoying pop up.

If you still get a message asking to send information you will know that this is not a Microsoft message and make sure to address the request with the proper concern.

BTW if it is a Microsoft message they do not send personal information.

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