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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1286. Word Page Numbers

Jackie asked - My word document has page numbers that start numbering 1, 2,3 and then all of a sudden it starts to number pages from 1 again.  What's up with this document?

This problem was caused by using the Sections feature in Microsoft Word.  One of the many feature in Word allows you to create sections.  Section among many things allows you to have different headers, footers and other attributes that include page numbering.

As it turned out she had copied parts from different documents and the page numbering definitions for each "Section" was maintained.  So when the document was printed the page numbers for each would be maintained.

The solution was to remove the Sections and make the document one section using common settings.

Or you could "Link" the Sections.  This would make the page numbers flow from one section to the next section.

Use the "Help" function in Word to Link or Unlink sections as the procedures vary slightly between versions.

Word is very powerful and sometimes you want just simple.

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