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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1288. god mode - Windows Control Panel

Tom recently mentioned a common complaint.  In Windows there are a million places to go to configure the computer to just the way you want it. There must be one centralized place to go to configure all the settings. Any ideas?

There is an undocumented folder that will provide you centralized access for all of the Windows system settings:

It is very easy to set this up.  Well not real easy.
  1. Create a folder on your Desktop.
  2. Name this folder:  "My Control Panel " followed by a long hexadecimal number.
Go to your favorite search engine and type "godmode".  I do not know why people named this feature godmode but they did.

You will find many articles providing the special folder name.  You do not need to include the name "godmode", The important part is the hexadecimal number.  

That folder will now change it's icon to look like the control panel icon and when you open it you will have links to almost every important setting control in Windows.  

Since I found this tip I have used this folder numerous time to help me tune my Windows system  This tip is well worth your time.

TweakUI  is another option to help tune your PC.  Download this program and install it.  

This is also worth your time.

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