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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1289. Search tips

Whenever we do joint research over the phone, Doug and I often get different response for the same internet search.  We are both using Google, but sometimes I get the answers faster. Doug has learned a few tips.  What have you learned - Doug?

They are:
  1. + sign
  2. - sign
  4. Site Google, Bing
The + sign works the same as if you added an additional word.  But next time you do a search add the plus sign immediately in front of the second word in your search.

The - minus sign really helps.  What this does is when you find results matching the previous word, now filter the results and make sure that those articles do not also contain the following word. Make sure there is no space between the - minus sign and the word you want to eliminate.

Then there are the quote marks.  Use quote marks to require the search results to have the exact string in the results.  If I didn't put quotes around two words in the search string, the results would only require the two words to be in the result, not the two words next to each other.

The site keyword will limit the search to the specific search engine.  You do not need to specifically go to that site to do the search, this keyword tells the browser to use that search engine.

Try using these techniques in your next search on the internet.  I think you will be surprised on the results.  If you want more techniques search for "Advanced internet search techniques".  Then put quotes around the search and see how different the results are.

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