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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1293. Call Times on my iPhone

Rocky asks: I would love it if I could set my iPhone up so it never rang between 9PM and 7AM, unless a family member is calling--I don't want to miss those calls. Can I filter out some calls for a set period of time, but let others through?

This has long been one of my pet peeves with the iPhone. For years, there was no way to filter calls based on time.  But finally, in IOS 6, you can do this. 
Once you have a phone with IOS 6 on it, you can choose Notifications from the Settings menu, and then choose the Do Not Disturb option.
There you can turn on the option to Schedule Notifications and choose a period of time where you don't want to be notified. You can also select to allow calls from one group including everyone, no one, favorites, or a "named group" that you've created. Ken has a group named Family that includes his father, partner, and siblings, and those calls are always allowed through. (Ask Ken about the time he was in Houston helping his father through surgery, and at 4AM his father had to go the emergency room after the surgery and Ken’s phone was in silent mode. That certainly triggered setting up scheduled notifications and allowing calls from the family through!)
You can also set it to allow a call through if a person tries to make multiple calls within three minutes, assuming that it must be an emergency. That way, even calls from folks not on the “preferred” list can get through in the case of an emergency.
In any case, it's really a useful being able to filter calls overnight so you can leave your phone on at night, get emergency calls, and not be bothered by all the rest. Ken’s phone no longer goes into silent mode overnight.

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