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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1295 Google Maps not on IOS 6

Tom asked: I've heard the new Maps app on iOS 6 is a real mess. Is it? If so, should I avoid updating to iOS 6? Is there something else I can use?

IOS 6 on the iPhone is definitely a worthwhile upgrade because of all the new features.  But they did remove the Google maps app from this version of IOS and inserted Apple's own  Maps app instead which is incredibly frustrating. 

It does add turn by turn directions which is great but the maps are  difficult to read and the data is often incorrect.  They're working on the application and overtime I'm sure it will get better but for now there are other maps applications you can use that are quite good.  

Nokia recently released an application of its own and it does mapping a lot of people really like. You can search in the App Store for maps applications and look for various alternatives. 

You can also just set a bookmark to Google maps and save it on your desktop so that you can just open up a web browser and get to the maps that way. It doesn't have the same full functionality as a maps application would but it does get you back to Google maps.

Revision (Feb 5 2013): Google did finally release an iOS 6 version of Google Maps. It runs on iOS6, but isn't well integrated--there's no way to have links automatically open in Google Maps, for instance. On the other hand, the interface and behavior (as well as the maps database itself) is so much more mature and useful than Apple's Maps app, it's totally worth downloading and using Google's Maps app. I heartily recommend this new app, even though it's not as well integrated as Google Maps was in iOS 5. 

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