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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1299. Backup/Recovery

So here is a tale of whoa and it's a true tail. Doug had a backup completely fail on recovery. So even though Doug has been preaching for years on how I need to backup constantly and keep multiple levels of backup it can happen even to the pros.

So Doug explain what went wrong and what to do to avoid this problem.

Ken - Basically I failed to test my recovery procedures adequately. I installed Windows 8 and the upgrade to my backup software.

I did do a test to make sure I was able to recovery my data. Unfortunately I only did a partial test. What I didn't do was a test a full backup/recovery of the partition that failed.

This cost me was about 20 hours of work that required me to install Windows from scratch, put all of the updates on it, and then locate all of the programs I had installed over the past 4 years, and then finally installed all of my data.

If I had tested the full recovery and found the problem when I first upgraded I could have talked to the software vendor before I had the failure.

The lesson is you must test your backup recovery procedures well before you need them in a failure environment. Especially when you make major changes.

My last word of warning. If you are not comfortable with your backups and you care about your data talk to a professional to make sure you are covered with data backup/recovery procedures;.

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