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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1310. How do I send output from my MacBookPro to my TV?

I recently had to use my Mac to give a presentation to an audience using a big TV screen. I couldn't figure out how to connect my Mac to the TV to get both audeo and video coming through the TV. What's the best answer.

If you want to have an ongoing need to show videos from your Mac to your TV then I suggest you look into the Apple TV product. However if you want to us your Mac for presentations on various TV/monitors then you only need to purchase some cables that connect your Mac to the TV. 

Most of your newer TV's have HDMI input for both audeo and video inputs. Your newer Mac are able to send audeo/video with the Apple HDMI to HDMI Cable (1.8 m) Moshi Mini DP to HDMI Adapter with Audio Support.  

Be sure to check with your local Apple store to make sure Mac supports this kind of hookup. For under $50 you can give professional presentations using you Mac and your TV.

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