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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1317. How do I play Netflix on my TV

I have a Netflix account and would like to be able to watch videos on my TV rather than my computer. How can I do that?

If you were in the business of shipping millions and millions of CD's around the country using the mail service or you had the option of allowing people to watch those same videos by streaming over the Internet which option would you choose?

Well clearly Netflix has attempted to move their business to allowing users to view videos online which cost them far less in the long run.

They made it very easy for people to view their videos on TVs by embedding the software to so and lots of modern smart TVs.  I don't happen to have one of those.

Instead I'm using actually two different small devices - one from a company called Roku and the other at AppleTV. Both support viewing Netflix videos streamed from the Internet onto my large screen TV.  I love watching movies this way and now that I have high enough Internet speed here at home to do it,  it really works out very well.

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