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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1318. How do I make Windows 8 look like Windows 7

I have a friend who bought a new computer with Windows 8 and doesn't want to deal with the tiles and the start screen. Is there some way to make Windows 8 look and feel more like Windows 7?

Yeah the problem is it is really nearly impossible to purchase a new computer now that comes with Windows 7 on it. And if you do you want to pay more for the privilege of having an old operating system. But the fact is Windows 8 looks and feels slightly different than Windows 7. Including the tiles in the start screen and it's hard to get used to.

If you prefer not to bother there are tools you can use and install on Windows 8 to make it work more like Windows 7.

One of them is the Skip Metro Suite.  It's a little hard to find this tool but what you do and install it, it allows you to turn off many of the notification then slide in bars that Windows 8 provides.

Another one is a free tool called Classic Shell that allows you to use the same old start button and start menu that you'd see you in Windows 7. To download both of these tools and install them on your Windows 8 computer of course it still is Windows 8 and you'll still occasionally see parts of Windows 8 pop up.

So you can't avoid the sign in screen for example, but using these two tools and I'm sure they'll be others in the future you'll be able to make Windows 8 as a look and feel more like the windows you're used to.

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