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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1320. Windows 8 and my trackpad cause problems.

It seems like every time I touch the track pad on my laptop, the charms bar in Windows 8 slides into view. This is making me crazy. Is there some feature to turn off that will keep this from happening?

No of course there's no way to fix it you're just going to go crazy.

Just kidding your laptop most likely has some software that controls the behavior of the track pad and if your running on Windows 8 the software must have been updated the Windows 8 and there should be an option to turn off the ability to drag in from the edge of the track pad.

If you think about it a the second, Windows 8 was set up  to be used on touchscreens. What you can drag in  from the edges of the screen to cause things to happen. When you drag in  from the right-hand edge for example the charms bar appears. If you do the same thing on your track pad you see that charms bar but apparently you don't want to see the charms bar.

So look in control panel for setting that allows you to turn off swiping in from the edges and that problem should go away.

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