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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1321. How can I listen to music on the internet legally for free?

I would like to be able to listen to lots of different kinds of music, and I've heard it's possible to legally play music over the internet for free. What are my options?

In my opinion there are far more illegal options then legal options but there are number of ways to listen to basically any kind of music you want for free legally on the Internet.

One of my favorites is Spotify.  Spotify is a European music service that has come to the United States that allows you to listen to almost any CD or any kind of music that's available in the world.  For free you will have to listen to ads. .

If you want to give them a small amount of money per month you can get by the ads and also listen to music when you're off-line. That is you can store copies of the music on your computer or your phone and listen to begin not even connected to the Internet.

Another nice service is Pandora which again has a free version which includes ads or you can give them a small amount of money per month and listen to any kind of music you like.  On Pandora you set up various stations like radio stations that play different kinds of music. On Spotify it's more focused on finding specific pieces of music you like to listen to.

In any case check out both Spotify and Pandora both of which make it easy listen to music for free or cheaply over the Internet.

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