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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1322. Error on web page. How can I fix this?

I go to a web site and I see errors and format problems in my browser.  What is this all about?

A web page is formatted using many different computer languages and techniques.

To access a web page we use a special program that comes with your computer whether it is a Windows or Mac PC.  This program is called a BROWSER.

The Windows computer comes with Internet Explorer.  The Mac comes with Safari.

There are 3rd party manufacterurs that also have browsers called Chrome, FireFox, and more.

You can install any of these browsers on your PC.  All of them have different versions and may act differently interpreting the language of the web site you are visiting.

So if you see a page that produces an error or just plain looks strange try another browser.

You can search the internet for the different browsers and download and install them.  Be careful when you do this as they will likely want to be the new default brwoser and you probably do not want to do this until you are satisfied that this is the browser for you.

You can always change which browser you use by selecting the brwoser to open your web site.

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