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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1323. How can I save my membership cards on my phone?

You have a bunch of plastic cards for memberships, like Safeway, CVS, Costco etc.  My wallet is full.  Is there some way to carry these in my smartphone?

I found an app that allows me to store the card information in my smartphone.  The one I use is called Cardstar, There are other like Key Ring and Card King. . Search for these apps at your online store.

These apps allow you to define the account, and then save the membership information.  It will scan the bar code and create an image in your phone.

You can then bring up this picture at the check out counter and most scanners will be able to capture the bar code from your phone.  Some scanners don't work with this technology  but you can always read the code to the person.

So even if it can't be scanned you don't need to carry all of those cards that make your wallet full.

I love technology!

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