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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1324. How can I keep my contacts and calendar in sync on my computer and mobile devices?

Margaret wants to know why she entered contact and appointment information into her iPhone and it did not appear in her email contacts and calendars.

I have found a number of people with this problem.  Especially if you  have more that one email account.

When you enter your email account you want to make sure your set the default account for your mail, contacts, and calendar information.  These settings appear below your list of accounts in the settings section of your smartphone and tablets like Android,, and iPad.

I noticed that this is especially a problem if you have set up iCloud on your Apple devices.  They make the iCloud account the default for some of these settings.

Once you have set the proper defaults on all of your devices, make sure you test everything by entering a new contact in your phone.  Then check your computer contacts to make sure it appears there.  Make some changes in the computer contacts and check to make sure they appear on the mobile devices.

Do the same test for a calendar event.  You don't want to add an appointment on your home computer and not get a reminder notice on your phone.

Remember to set up the defaults so all your contacts, email, and calendar data is in sync on all your devices.

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