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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1325. Why don't I own my domain name?

I tried to change information about my domain name.  I couldn't because I don't show as the owner.  What can I do?

So your decide to get your own domain name because you want your own web page or a more professional email address not something or

You ask a friend for some technical help and you get your domain name and new email address.

Later you want to make changes and you find out your domain name is registered under someone elses name.

This can be a problem.  Your domain name has great value for you.  It is your Brand.

If the person that helped you is honest they just made a mistake and you can have your domain name transfer ed into your name.  It is easy but can take up to 2 months and requires cooperation from the "owner - registrant".

If the person was not so honest they can make it very difficult to get control over your domain name.

If you were lucky enough to get the domain name in the  1990's and now you find out someone else shows as the owner,  it may be very expensive or impossible to get your asset back.  That domain name recently sold for over $5M.

Or what if the current owner dies.  Now you need to go after your property though their estate.

We can help you register your domain name correctly and get your ownership back if for some reason it was not properly registered.  Send us your concerns at

You can check to see who owns a domain name by going to

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