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Saturday, February 2, 2013

1327. I can't change my Antivirus software. It won't uninstall. What can I do?

I had an Antivirus product installed.  It wouldn't uninstall.  Now I can't install it.  What should I do?

All of a sudden they saw messages saying the software was no longer current and you had to upgrade.  They paid for the new license followed instructions but continued to get the message.

It turns out that the new license required them to upgrade to a new version of the software.  However the old version did not get removed by the upgrade and the new version would not install.

It turns out that this compony has had many problems with this.  They have special tools that they will send to you to uninstall and re-install their software that is not part of the standard upgrade.

It is not important which company this is because it can happen to the best.

What is important is don't ignore the error messages, and follow up with the vendor to make sure their software is installed correctly.

And if they try to sell you a up-sell to get their software installed DO NOT LET THEM.  This is a scam.  Why should you have to pay them extra to install their product.

What they do then is connect to your computer and tell you the problem is with Windows or the Mac and for an additional $150.00 they will fix it.

Request your money back and find new software.

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