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Monday, May 6, 2013

1330. Listen to Radio Broadcasts on Smart Phone

I find that I want to listen to music on the radio while I'm at the gym. I have my iPhone, but there's no radio receiver built in. Is there some way to listen to radio signals on the phone?
Recently, I decided to look up some way to play FM or AM radio stations while I was slowly climbing the Stairmaster at the gym. And I did find an app that is available for free for both the Android and iPhone. It can’t “fake” a radio receiver—instead, it gathers freely available Web streaming that radio stations provide in one simple application.
I was able to find KNCO and KMVR and other local radio stations, as well as the radio station from my college and stations from my hometown for free on the iPhone (it works on Android phones, as well). The iPhone doesn't have an FM receiver of course (some Android phones do): this is all coming over the Internet “airwaves”.
Remember that TuneIn Radio uses the cell signal of your phone carrier if you don't have a Wi-Fi connection. Because most phone contracts include a limited amount of data, you should be wary of listening to streaming audio for hours at a time, every day, unless you’re using a Wi-Fi connection.  Luckily, my gym has Wi-Fi so it doesn't cost me anything to listen to the radio while I am working out.
Give it a look: find TuneIn Radio in your phone’s application store.  It's free for both iPhone ( and Android ( 

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