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Monday, May 6, 2013

1361. Font Size for Text Messages is Too Small

Some of us can't see as well as we used to, and I could really use a larger font when reading text messages on my iPhone. Is there some way to increase the font size, since you can't zoom the size of the font in the iMessage text editor?
You would think that you could pinch/unpinch to zoom in iMessage (the editor for SMS text message), just like you do when editing and viewing emails, but that’s not the case. Pinch and unpinch all you like, but the text doesn’t change size.
There is a way to change the font size in iMessage, although it’s not obvious. Go to Settings, General, Accessibility, and choose Large Type. (No kidding. This really seems to be the only way to change the font size.) You can select any font size up to 56 pt, which is simply huge.
The problem is this new font size will apply to all your applications. Now your emails will have the same font size as your text messages, and most likely this isn’t what you want.
It seems clear that Apple should allow the font expand function to work on iMessage or allow different font sizes for each application. And we’re not alone in this opinion—a quick Web search for “font size iMessage” will return lots of requests for this same feature.
But until Apple works this out, at least you will be able to read your text messages, albeit with adverse effects on your other applications. 

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