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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1328. I hate Windows 7 Paint. Can I use the one from XP?

Ralph asks: I'm using WIndows 7 and hate the way the menus work in the Paint program. Can i use the one from Windows XP that I used for years?

I will confess and I built a new computer for my friend and since Windows XP isn't available anymore I had to put Windows 7 on his computer.  He used Windows Paint for years for things that to be honest with you Windows Paint was never meant to do.

The fact is that the menus are different in the Windows 7 version of Windows Paint and it does look and feel different.

A part of me wanted to say what you want to return the car because you don't like the radio dial? On the other hand it is significantly different. If you want the old Microsoft paint back you actually can get it.  Is a somewhat complicated process which involves setting permissions on things and removing files adding files but I did get it to work within five minutes from my friend so you could do it too.

We will post the link for this on our blog but you can search for "Windows XP Paint on Windows 7" on the web and you will probably find the same solution that I did.

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