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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1335. How to Open Multiple Programs with One Click?

My friend Keith asked me how to Open Multiple Programs with One Click and even better how can you make this happen when you start windows.  Can you make those things happen for him?

This is another example of how you can create a file that will execute a series of computer commands to speed up things you do over and over.

Ken - easy to do yes.  Easy to explain in a 60 second tech tip - not so much.

Because the different versions of Windows have different requirements the best thing to know is this is easy to do.

Just go to our blog and follow the instructions. 

Or search the internet for Startup multiple programs in Windows.

Don't forget to specify your Windows release, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8. 

This is generally all done using a special file in Windows called a BAT/Batch file.  This file contains commands that tell Windows what to do.

After you create your command file you simply double click on it when you want to run those programs.

If you want them started when Windows starts you just tell Windows to do this at startup.  Search for this additional need and you will be able to do these common repetitive things with no effort.

It is really easy.  I promise.

You will want to create a file on your desktop by right clicking on an open space, choose, New, Text Document, and give it a name that has an extension of .BAT. 

Lets call this OpenMyPrograms.bat.

Use the editor like Notepad to add the commands you want to execute.  In this case you want to start a couple of programs.

In the text file you have open, start the line with a START space and two quote marks and another space. 

Get the paths for the programs you want to start. The easiest way to do this is to right-click on each of the existing shortcuts, choose the Properties option, and then copy the Target path.

The paste the Target path after the last space in the line you created.

Make the last line in your file line with the work exit.

The reason you use the START command is so when your program gets started Windows will continue to your next command.

The Exit command allows your .BAT file to finish.

To start programs at Windows startup will differ with each version of Windows.  The best way to determine how to start programs for your windows system is to go to your favorite search engine and type "start programs in windows 7 at startup"

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