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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1338. Blog vs. newsgroup.

Doug I heard you talk about your neighborhood watch group and how you get all of these emails every time someone has a comment. Email is very interruptive.  Is there some way that people can post their responsive somewhere so you can go look at it when you are ready and not have it drop into your inbox every time.

A Blog  or a NewsGroup  should work.  Both are used to distribute information.  Each has some features that may be important.  A Blog requires the members to be a little more active but gives each member more control over notifications.
A Newsgroup can have less active members.   This may be a better way for less internet savvy members.  

I am sure the email lists will also work fine.  However remember to create distribution groups, and send the emails using BCC instead of the TO address field.  This way all of the addresses are not openly published. 
What you don't want is for the group to start replying to all and then there are so many emails being sent the important email is missed.
Technology is a great way to help with community needs.  But use it wisely.

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