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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1339. Professional Time tracking application

So Doug when I am out and about billing hours to my clients which doesn't happen often enough. I need some way to beep track of those hours without a computer.  I have my phone.  Is there some way to track billing hourws and import them into Quickbooks from my phone?

There are a number of applications available to keep track of your time. 

I found that most of them do not interact with QuickBooks which many of us use for our business bookkeeping.

I found QuickTimer Lite and it will import your client information to your smartphone and you can then easily identify your customer and keep track of billing time.

Then when you are ready to bill your customer, it will export the billing to a file and your QuickBooks will use that information the next time you invoice your customer.

This is a great tool for any business that does time billing and it is especuially usefull if you also use QB.

Many of the applications available for free and for a small purchase amount will do the time tracking and some will create the invoices.  So even if you don't use QB, there is an app that makes it easy to bill your clients easily and accurately.

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