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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1340. High-Speed Access Other Than DSL or Cable

I can't get DSL or cable. What are my other options? Dial-up is just too slow.
It’s true—in Nevada County, many areas are too remote for either cable or DSL Internet connections. Ken remembers asking a Comcast representative once if they were ever going to head in his direction, and they just laughed—at his home, the only option seemed to be dialup, when he moved in 7 years ago.
Now, however, there are several viable options. One option is satellite internet access—there are two options available nationally: HughesNet ( and WildBlue ( Ken tried WildBlue in 2006 (at that time, HughesNet’s service was simply terrible, and he vetoed that option). At the time, WildBlue was slow, difficult, and hard to work with. They may be better now. Both HughesNet and WildBlue have recently upgraded their services, and they might be worth checking out, if you have no other options.

A better option for many might be terrestrial fixed wireless, provided by either Central Valley Broadband (the company Ken uses, or Smarter Broadband ( Both companies have placed wireless transmitters dotting the landscape in Nevada County, and if your home provides direct line of sight to one of their towers, you could be eligible for excellent service, high speeds, and smooth Internet “sailing.” Both companies offer high-speed connections at reasonable prices, and we’ve only spoken with happy customers of both services. Check them both out to determine if either or both is available in your area.

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