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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1343. Just need mobile phone. No extras. What options do I have.

Carrie asks: I need a new phone, but unlike you, I don't need or want any features besides the ability to make a phone call, or have someone call me. I don't want to pay a lot of money. What are my options?

Of course the person to come to my mind when I get this question is those cheap pay-as-you-go phone you get to the drugstore the grocery store. Those are used by people generally who need to get rid of phone numbers fast. 

But in this case I'm guessing what Carrie really wanted was a simple phone that is cheap and can make calls and receive calls and pretty much nothing else. 

Jitterbug is the leader in this kind of phone service. You see there Ads all the time and I did some research and their website is pretty clear about what you get and don't get. It seems like a reasonable service for those that just want a phone.

One thing to make sure however is to note that you don't have to purchase the phone through jitterbug you can get on for example for a cheaper price. It's worth investigating the various options.  In addition there are other phone service only options that you might want to investigate but certainly shouldn't pay for features on a phone that you aren't going to use.

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