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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1344. I hate the mouse. Shortcuts?

Jerry asks: I hate Windows. Actually, I just hate using the mouse. I'm a keyboard kind of guy. Should I switch to the Mac?

There are so many issues here but the answer the first question is that NO you shouldn't switch to a Mac.  I love my Mac and  I use it every day but I wouldn't recommend it as an easy replacement for Windows unless you are willing to give it the time it takes to learn the new operating system. Second of all on Windows you don't need to use a mouse for 99% of the operations.

I too am not really a mouse kind of person I like to eat my hands on the keyboard. And there is a link at Microsoft website and we will put that link on our website you can find it,  that shows you most of the standard Windows shortcut keys.

You can get around Windows without ever touching the mouse except in a few cases. Unfortunately there are a few places Windows when you have to use a mouse. You have no other option. It's too bad you can't do everything in Windows without a mouse  but you can get those things done and Microsoft has documented these in a list. Here is My plan - every day when you're using an app pick out a new menu and learn the shortcuts on that menu.  Soon you'll be able to use the app without ever touching the mouse.

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