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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1356. Display Video from iPad on a Computer?

I have video content on my iPad that I’d like to display on my main computer screen. Can I somehow send the video output from the iPad to my computer?
With the latest versions of iOS, Apple has made it extremely easy to stream video from an iPad or iPhone directly to your TV, using the Apple TV component ( This feature, named AirPlay, makes it easy to either stream content from a phone or tablet to Apple TV, and it also makes it easy to mirror the contents of your device’s screen to the Apple TV. In many applications that display video or play audio content, press on the icon near the bottom of the screen that looks like a little box with an arrow at the bottom, and select your Apple TV device as the recipient of the content. That’s all it takes. (Note that not every iOS application supports AirPlay, and some support only audio over AirPlay.)
Streaming content from your device to your computer isn’t as simple, however—that feature isn’t built in on either a Windows or Mac computer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it! If you want to do it, most likely someone before you has expressed the same desire, and software developers have created applications that fill this exact niche.

We don’t know of a free solution, but you can find a relatively inexpensive commercial solution: AirServer ( This utility installs onto a Mac or Windows computer, and acts as a receiver for AirPlay content. Ken tested it recently, and it worked flawlessly, receiving videos from his iPad. Like we said, it’s not free, but it does work well and satisfies this particular need. This excellent product also supports AirPlay mirroring, so that you can display the content from your iPhone or iPad directly on your computer screen, which can be useful for screen sharing, presentations, or any other situation in which you need to see the content of your device’s screen on your computer.

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