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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1358. Easy way to share photos

Easy Way to Share Photos

Jerry asked: I have photos on my phone, and I want to be able to display them on the Web so anyone can look at them. I’ve looked at services like Flicker and Google+, and they’re too complicated for me. Is there some brain-dead simple way to share photos publicly without having to do any work at all?
There are certainly a ton of photo-sharing services out there (not to generalize, but it seems that the millennials feel the need to share every detail of their lives in the public eye, something we baby boomers have a hard time with). Pinterest ( is one of the most popular, and its apps for phones are simple to use. It isn’t really what Jerry was looking for, however—he wants to be able to create online photo albums that his friends and family can peruse, and he doesn’t want to have to upload each photo individually.

We’ve mentioned it our favorite solution here several times in the past, but it continues to do the best job, with the least effort, as far as we’re concerned: Dropbox. Not only does DropBox make it simple to share files, it handles photos specially, automatically creating an online photo album for the photos. You simply create a new folder inside the Photos album in your DropBox folder, and DropBox creates a nice display of the images in the folder as a photo album online. Another great alternative is, a newer file-sharing service. doesn’t require you to place your photos in a special folder—if it detects that a folder contains photos, it provides a nice user interface for viewing the photos. Both services are free, and using either of the following links gets you some extra free space when you sign up. For DropBox, use For, use Both services do a great job displaying photos publicly without any extra effort on your part.

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