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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1368. Correcting Email Address Auto-Suggest

Dave asked: In Outlook Express, I was entering an email address and entered it incorrectly. I stopped and re-entered it correctly, but now, when I address an email to the same person, I see suggestions for both email addresses (the right one and the wrong one). How can I remove that incorrect suggestion?
Our first (perhaps too snarky) inclination was to suggest to David that he simply stop using Outlook Express because Microsoft stopped supporting it or supplying it as an application several years ago. But the fact is that this is a problem in just about every email system. Every modern email editor seems to offer suggestions for email addresses based on previous email addresses that you've typed. This is a useful technology, until the email application gets the idea that you want to send email to a faulty email address, and then continues to provide that address as a suggestion. Both Outlook Express and the more recent Microsoft Mail allow you to delete an auto-suggest item as it appears in the list by simply pressing the Delete key, but it’s not that simple: The problem is that both applications don’t record your changes to the auto-suggest list until you actually send the email. You can’t just delete the name and then cancel sending the email. We did find suggested steps to solve the problem online.

To remove an auto-suggested email address, start to compose an email message. Start entering the recipient email address, and choose the email address you don't want to keep by moving up and down through the list of suggestions. Press the delete key to delete the email address you don't want. (Here’s the important part!) Once you have deleted the errant email address, enter a real email address and send the email (send it to yourself, if you like). Without this final step, the application won’t record your auto-suggestion delete. Yes, it seems anti-intuitive, but you must actually send an email to record the change to the auto-suggest list.

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