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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1369. Compare computer performance

I was at a computer store and wanted to compare computers to determine which was the fastest. How can I quantitatively compare the performance of multiple computers?

Although this is a somewhat of geeky question, real  people often do need to compare things before they buy them and there is a standard for comparing hardware.  That is GeekBench.  If you to go to their website you'll find software the runs on PCs or Macs or Android or iOS - That is the iPhone or iPad that allows you to quantitatively compare these items and determine which one is the fastest.

Doug and I recently use this to determine the speed of a new computer he was contemplating purchasing. And we found out how it stacked up against other computers that we owe. In any case if you're trying to purchase a new laptop or tablet and want to know how it stands up against other laptops or tablets check out the GeekBench utility. It's free and it will help you determine the relative speed of any computer or tablet or phone that you are thinking about purchasing.

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