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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1370. Mirror Application.

So this is embarrassing.  I went out the other day and had a poppy seed bagel for breakfast in public. And then I realized I am walking around with poppy seeds in my teeth.  I am thinking an app that I could use as a mirror would be really helpful.  Can I find that?

Ken - just don't smile.  The good news it yes you can.  There are a number of free and pay for apps that provide the functionality of a mirror.

I wish I would have thought about some of these great apps.  Some of them are so useful.  And this one is actually very easy to build.  All that was needed was for the application to start the camera.  Simple easy, and very helpful.

So go to your favorite app store that supports your mobile device and search for Mirror.  You will find  number of available options.   I didn't see anything that would make me pay for this application.  But for free it is great.

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