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Thursday, June 6, 2013

1371. Defrag - still worth it?

You know - back in the 80's we tended to defrag our hard drives occasionally and I still hear that people are doing this. Are there any reasons to doing it and are there downfalls to doing it.

Ken you keep bringing up these age things. Are you trying to say something about my age?

Defragging is a term that is used to define "tuning" your hard drive. Over time as more and more changes took place on your computer, the data got saved and because of the old technology the system became less and less efficient.

With new file systems and bigger and faster drives the need to "defrag" has become for the most part unnecessary. The Mac had similar issues but for the most part it took care of things without your intervention.

In Windows 8 although there is a program that will help optimize your drives, the specific task to "defrag" is no longer available. The need to defrag has basically gone away.

If you still have Windows XP or an early version of Windows 7 and are experiencing significant performance issues that seem to be disk related you may consider doing a "defrag".

Search for the instructions related to your specific system.

As always you should make sure you have a recent backup of your computer data. This is especially important when you do a "defrag" as this will re-write the information on your computer.

So to answer your question. Defrag with newer computers is not as important as it was before, but always make sure you have a good backup before you do anything like this to your computer.

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